EPC for Rental properties need to be above “E”

Landlords now have 12 months left  to meet a new energy performance targets for there rental properties or face a restriction on being able to facilitate new tenancies.

In 2016, the government  stated that all tenanted properties must achieve a minimum of an E rating in their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Landlords whose buildings fail to reach this standard by April 2018 will no longer be able to offer a tenancy to either new or existing tenants.

Those who let properties with an EPC rating below or close to the required rating must ensure works are carried out to bring their homes up to scratch in the next 12 months.

Jeremey Godfrey a director at property specialist Mather Marshall, says that if landlords fail to achieve above a minimum of an E rating for their properties this will leave landlords unable to let a property to a new tenant, while some recent legal updates have suggested they could also be prevented from renewing an existing tenancy.

As this deadline gets even closer, we expect tradespeople capable of carrying out eco-friendly home improvements to be in extremely high demand, so landlords would be wise to have work carried out sooner rather than later.

The good news for landlords whose properties fall below the minimum standard is that there are plenty of ways to upgrade a property energy performance, including adding insulation to the walls and ceiling, draught-proofing, installing a new boiler and repairing or replacing doors and windows.

Thousands of older properties across the UK  particularly those that date back to the Edwardian and Victorian periods are expected to fail to reach an E rating, making green improvements a must.






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