We will look at the marketing price of your home and also the best way to advertise your home to the general public to ensure you get the best price.

Most home sellers will invite 3 estate agents and choose who they feel most confident with.

It is true when they say your home is your biggest asset.  It is what you have worked hard for.

Eventually, it’s the inheritance you leave behind to your family.  I know this might sound morbid but it is true.  Today though it will dictate what you can afford to move on to.

Therefore you have a very important decision to make.  Don’t make this choice based on the fee.  Base it on trust.  A friend and fellow estate agent once said ….


“The cheapest agent is not the one who charges the lowest fee, but the one who achieves the highest price”



Who does the market appraisal?

At Mather Marshall our branch valuers are the most senior and experienced members of the team.   We have fully trained valuers that have access to the latest valuation tools.  Experience and local knowledge count.  Having visited thousands of homes we are well positioned to see exactly how your home compares.  We also advise on how to stage your home for sale.  Remember we are here to help you.

What different things factor into a market appraisal?

As valuers, we look at various factors.  Naturally, the location is very important. But it is more than this.  We look at the position of the property on the street.  What work has been done to the home?  How it has been cared for.  Size is important.  Some homes have been extended.  Others haven’t.  Some have attic conversions. Other have garages, whilst some might just be a driveway.  All these factors and more have to be taken into consideration.  Some clients want or even a need a quick sale.  We discuss all of this with you so we can pitch your property at the correct asking price

What are we looking for?

We try to look at your home as though we were a buyer.  What would they think?  How would they compare your home to others they may see? When it comes to saleability little things can make a big difference.  It could be how fresh your decor is.  It could be the views your home offers. Kitchens and bathrooms play a big part.  So do well-proportioned bedrooms.  We like to find out what made you pick your home.  After all, you had a choice.  Your reasons could be exactly what attracts the next person.

How long should it take?

A typical valuation will take approximately 1 hour.  We want to sit down with you and discuss your needs and timeframes.  After all, this is your move.  We will ask you to give us a guided tour around your home.  We like you to be with us so we can ask questions as we go around.  It’s really important to us that we really know your home.  After all, if we don’t get to know it, how can we possibly sell it?  We’ll then chat through with you our tailored marketing plans and ideas.  Remember we are here to get you the best price so we’ll give you our thoughts and simple tips which will really enhance your selling chances and price.

How do we get to the marketing price of your home?

We take into account all of the above.  We look at what is selling in your area.  We look at what is up for sale and then we compare.  We have lots of market intelligence tools.  We also have experience.  We know how some streets in an area are more popular than others.  We even know how it can differ depending on the side of the street you live.  We also know how properties on a street can totally differ from their neighbours.  Pricing a home cannot be left to a computer programme that works on a postcode and averages.  It is so much more than that.  We call it local market knowledge.  And that comes with experience!

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