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1) Please complete a form for all Tenants over 18 years.
2) Click on the form to complete.
3) Complete all questions within the document.
4) Sent to Mather Marshall

Mather Marshall Tenancy Application



Mather Marshall Tenancy Application

The document should be printed and sent to your  Mather Marshall Office
or  set to



Only scanned documents in PDF format will be accepted.

Right to Rent Identification

All tenants in the Uk are required to have international status in the UK. A  tenancy agreement cannot be offered without proof of this status. 

Acceptable documents that a tenant can provide are as follows.

  • A UK passport
  • An EU/EEA passport or identity card, permanent residence card
  • A travel document showing indefinite leave to remain
  • A visa if applicable
  • A Home Office immigration status document or a certificate of registration/naturalisation as a British citizen.
Proof of Identifcation

You will need to provide proof of your name and address.

Please take your Official Photo ID and Proof of current address to the Mather Marshall Office that conducted the viewing of the property you wish to rent.

This will then be verified and copied by that Mather Marshall Office.

You will need to provide the following

The documents must be the original documents:

Official Photo ID :– ie Passport/Driving Licence/National ID Card

Proof of current Address:- Bank Statement/Phone Bill/Council Tax

All tenants have to attend in person with these documents.

How to Rent Guide

The Government How to Rent Guide



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