Trying to Sell Your Home ......

or just waiting in the hope......

“Are you Just Waiting in Hope?”


Is your property currently on the market for sale in Stevenage or the surrounding area ?

We have talked to a number of people recently trying to sell their homes who assume that their current Estate Agent is in full control of the situation and that sooner or later a buyer will materialise……

But don’t be so sure!…..

Sometimes an agent will take the same view and simply sit in hope, having apparently exhausted their own marketing options.

Another common quote we hear from Vendors is that their current Estate Agent is blaming the apparently slow market or even possibly Brexit for the lack of buyers…….

Well, we can put that excuse to bed before we even get started as the figures from Land Registry show that Stevenage House prices have risen since July 2018 and the market is stronger then it was this time last year.



Mather Marshall believes in a more proactive approach and would invite anyone who is currently “waiting in hope” to contact us for a marketing review.

Our aim during these meetings is not to criticise your chosen agent, but simply to help you consider some key facts about the progress of your sale from day one and offer constructive advice where appropriate.


For example, we would review the following in context:

  1. The response your property has had to date from feedback/viewings and advertising.
  2. The number of viewings in relation to local averages in Stevenage this month.
  3. The “drawing” ability of your sales particulars, online listing and photographs.
  4. The presentation of your home.
  5. The availability of other homes on the market that compete with yours.
  6. Your own moving plans.
  7. How your property is positioned in the market.

Sometimes it pays to have another pair of eyes to take a constructive and enthusiastic look at your situation. Any marketing advice we offer would be sincere, free, without obligation, and offered with a smile.

An example of how we can sometimes improve the marketing of your home is detailed below.



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