“Do that top button up and stop fidgeting”.

I sat in a coffee shop this morning and just across the way from me sat a young lad, who was looking incredibly nervous, with his mum.

“Stop chewing your nails”, she snapped sternly. “Sit up, back straight” followed swiftly by “you’ll never impress an interviewer slouched like that”.

The boy sat bolt upright, looking sheepishly at his mother.

She continued her rant, “If your gran were alive, you know she’d be saying the same. You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. The boy gazed out of the window dismissively.

He took one more anxious look at his watch, said his goodbyes and then left for the interview.

Overhearing this exchange this morning, it got me thinking.

Your property sale and the marketing are just like an interview – your viewers are actually your interviewers!

So, if you’re on the market – or maybe you’re just about to embark on that journey. Is your home straight, it’s shoes polished and top button done up?

In other words. What’s a viewer’s first impression, when they arrive excitedly at your home?

Is the path free of weeds? Lawn freshly mowed and edged nicely? Flower beds free of weeds and ‘dug over’? Hanging basket nicely pruned and your windows and doors cleaned?

If you can honestly answer these questions with a resounding YES, it’s likely your interviewers (your potential buyers) already believe your home is well kept, regularly maintained and that you care for it.

If the answer in no, perhaps we should talk.

My job is not to just to put your house up for sale. I care passionately about making sure you receive the very best advice and that you get the very best price the market will pay.

It all starts with a cuppa and a chat!

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