Guidance for Property Viewings




Guidance for Property Viewings during COVID-19 pandemic


Ahead of bringing anyone into your property for a viewing, we must adhere to the following guidelines, some of which are the responsibility of the agent and others of the occupier. We appreciate that these are burdensome but acknowledge that the Government guidance is in place to allow the property market to begin to support those wishing to move during the COVID-19 lock-down.

Ahead of the viewing, we will send all persons involved in the viewing a form with questions to assess the risk of bringing viewers to your property.

Our team member and those wishing to view will be asked the same questions.


Are you or any member of your household displaying any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus, namely a high temperature, a new persistent cough or shortness of breath?

Have you or any member of your household returned from a foreign country within the past 14 days?

Are you or any member of your household self-isolating?

Are you shielding yourself or any member of your household?



Answering yes to any of these questions will mean we will need to delay the viewing of your property until the risk factor is lowered.

We will ask if you would like our team member and the visiting viewer(s) to wear personal protective equipment; face covering and gloves.

Those wishing to view will have to be from the same household and wherever possible, no children will visit your property.

Ahead of the confirmed visiting time, we will ask you to wipe all door handles and surfaces with household cleaner and to open all doors including the front door.

We will then ask for you to vacate the property into the garden or elsewhere once we have arrived.

We will greet the viewers outside the property, provide them with sanitiser or ask that they put on gloves depending upon your preference, we will take them on a tour of your property whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines and ask them to hold on to any questions in order to reduce the amount of time spent inside your property. We will also ask that viewers keep their hands in their pockets at all time during the viewing. We will then move back outside of the property to answer any questions that the viewers may have in the fresh air, remove gloves and sanitise their hands again.

After the viewing, we would ask that all surfaces and door handles are again wiped down with household cleaner.

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