How to Find Your Perfect Home 

Sometimes the blindingly obvious is easy to miss and hard to spot.

How do you get the best deals from estate agents?

You can’t just log-on to Rightmove or On The Market at your kitchen table and think “that’s it, I’m looking for a new home and expect to find it instantly. Property is still ALL ABOUT PEOPLE – and when you meet people and treat them right, they will reciprocate this. It all starts with talking to local agents, walking into their office, and letting them know what it is you are looking for (this builds credibility and trust).



So how do you get the best deals from estate agents?

Put simply: You get into your Estate Agents ‘mind space’ – preferably face to face in their office or on viewings.

You make sure you stay in their mind space – When you view property give them relevant feedback that they can relate to the sellers of that home.

And, when they send you details of a property that fits your criteria, you go and view it.

This is a process that takes time and commitment.

All this means that when that perfect property is about to come to the market you are in the forefront of their Estate Agents mind as a potential buyer for that home.

It also helps to do a bit of housekeeping before you start interacting with Estate Agents.

Before you start looking for properties make sure you have an Agreement in Principle for Funds to the price range you are looking up to. Give a copy to an estate agent or let the arrange this from day 1 as Proof of Funds for any future purchase.

Or at least take a bank statement with you showing you have cash (if you do).

All of this will help.

But ultimately, when searching for property or bidding on a property it will come down to know, like and trust – simple as that. The more you have developed a rapport with the agent the more you are likely to be successful in your acquisition.

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