Viewing Checklist

We’ve identified the most important things to check out when viewing a home:
Know what your budget is ?
Make sure you have your financial arrangements sorted before you start to look at properties. Estate agents will take you more seriously if they know you have a ‘mortgage in principle’ from your lender. It might also give you the edge over other potential buyers. If you have not arranged this we can provide details of an independent mortgage advisor that can offer you an overview of the current products in the market. They do not charge and offer you an unbiased view from all the different mortgage lenders. ( Be aware not all mortgage advisor will give you access to 100% of the mortgage available as some are affiliated with certain financial institutions)
View the house on more then one occassion
Even in a fast-moving market, it’s best to go and see the property more than once if possible. The more times you view a house, the more likely you are to spot potential problems. Our research has found that 26% of people viewed their current home once before buying it, 43% twice, 21% three times. We’d recommend viewing the property at least twice at different times of day, to find out how the light, traffic and surrounding noises change. We would rather you be sure that the property is correct for you.
Take your time at viewings
Make sure you spend a good chunk of time viewing a house if you are on a second viewing take 20 to 30 minutes at least – so you can really get a feel for the place. Make sure you check all of the below-mentioned items to ensure you know what you are buying.
Look at the structure of the building.
Make sure you walk around the outside of the house to check the exterior. Look for damp and cracks in the walls, missing or loose tiles on the roof and broken guttering. If you find signs of a problem, ask questions to find out what the cause is and whether it will be fixed. If you go on to make an offer and it gets accepted, you should always have an independent expert conduct more thorough checks on any item you notice.
Check taps and switches.
Always ask the vendor before investigating but ask to check the taps and make sure the water pressure is sufficient, check that the light switches work. You will only know about problems if you check things yourself and it may save you money on professional surveys if you become aware of longstanding issues with the property.
Confirm what land comes with the property
If there’s any uncertainty over who owns a garden or parking space, make sure you find out the answer before you offer on the property. Establish use and maintenance of any communal areas if you are buying a leasehold property with shared access/areas.

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