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Ideas To Paint Your Home During Lockdown

Ideas To Paint Your Home During Lockdown

Ideas To Paint Your Home



 During Lockdown


In between the home-schooling, snack dispensing, cooking, cleaning etc, We thought we put together this useful guide! To give you a few ideas on how to paint your home during the lockdown also…..

Whilst we may all not relish another task it appears that many of us want an escape from the constant covid news updates. Hopefully, with a little bit of work, these clever ideas will provide a break whilst also increase the value of your home.


Make the inside of your front door colourful.

Hallways are often narrow and dark and can be hard to get inspired about from, a design point of view. But the inside of the front door is an ideal opportunity to make a statement. Think about balancing dark and light and working with what you have on your walls. There is nothing that says the inside of the door has to be the same colour as the outside of the door. They can even clash because the two will never be viewed next to each other.

Or you can even try a few internal doors

Highlight Your Shelves  

Another fun way to inject some colour into a white or bland kitchen without committing to new kitchen units or tiles is this low-cost idea. With a little effort, it’s easy to create a mural framing around spaces from the sink to shelves.


Frame a Frame   

One of the simplest and easy to try ideas is to create a border around your artwork. This often works best on light, neutral walls but you could try it on dark walls too. It can make a smaller piece of art have the same impact as a much larger piece.

Paint Your Fireplace


Another quick wat to give a  room an instant lift is to paint the fireplace or install and fake one and paint that. You could paint it the same colour as the walls, or you could go for something completely different.


Reach for the ceiling

A little bit more time consuming is our last suggestion of painting your ceiling.
They are not always the easiest thing to paint but if you want to change the whole impact of a room consider adding strong colour to your walls with a soft dusky dreamy ceiling colour.

What to know the value of your property 

Family Games Night Ideas

Family Games Night Ideas





Games Night can be a great way to make memories in a manner that’s largely inexpensive, easy — and most importantly — fun. We’ve rounded up a unique set of fun family game night ideas to help you out. 





1. Paper telephone

In this paper-and-pencil version of the telephone game, everyone sits in a circle and writes down a straightforward phrase (something like “My dog is chewing a bone”). They then pass their paper to the next person, who has the job of drawing the phrase they’ve received. When the drawings are done, everyone folds their paper to hide the phrase and then passes it to another person. The process then repeats: The third person writes a phrase describing the drawing, the fourth person draws the new phrase and so on. By the time it reaches the original author, who knows what the phrase has become!

2. Balloon tennis

Ever want to play tennis inside? Now you can with balloon tennis. All you need to do is blow up some balloons and, if you want to be official, grab tennis rackets. Once your balloons are ready, split up into two teams and start swatting them back and forth. If you care to keep score, do so however you’d like. Hitting balloons around might be all the fun you need.

3. Indoor hopscotch

There’s no new approach to indoor hopscotch. With colored tape (like painter’s tape) and scissors, lay out and number your own arrangement of hopscotch boxes in a clear area of your home. Traditional hopscotch has six to eight boxes, but if you have the space, why not challenge your family to go as far as they can?

4. Indoor bowling

Find a good spot in the house to set up an indoor-friendly bowling lane, then grab a ball and 10 empty plastic bottles. Arrange the bottles in a triangle as you would in traditional bowling, with four in the back row, then three, two and one in each of the next three rows. Once the bottle pins are set, your family’s ready to bowl.

5. Movie-themed forts

Make game night and movie night one and the same by constructing a fort to fit the whole family. Chairs provide solid support for blanket ceilings, and stuffed animals love to be extra patrons in DIY movie theaters. It’s also fun to base your fort on the movie you’re watching by including things such as cowboy hats for some western flair or Halloween decorations for a frightening touch.

6. Paper plane contest

This simple family game to play at home can also help teach younger children about aerodynamics. Pass out some letter-size sheets of paper and have everyone fold together their best paper airplane. Then give all the aircraft a test flight down a long, open stretch of your house. The plane that goes the farthest distance wins, though it’s always worth it to redesign your plane and try again.

7. Charades

Charades is a living room game that never gets old. Split up into two teams and have a person from each team act out something — a movie, book, television show — for their teammates to guess. If you want, write down a bunch of prompts beforehand and toss them into a hat or bowl for participants to pull from. Whichever team has the most correct guesses wins.

8. Taboo

In Taboo, it’s all about getting your team to guess a word without using the word itself to describe it. Start by selecting two teams and developing a wide range of words to pick from. The team with the most correct answers wins.

You can either buy the original card game or come up with your own set of words. This game can move fast, so make sure you have a wide variety of words to pull from.

9. Fishbowl

Fishbowl combines all of the best parts of Taboo and Charades into one epic, three-round guessing game[2]. Separate into two teams and have everyone write down three words or phrases and toss them into a fishbowl (any bowl works, of course). Keep in mind that you’ll be using the entire collection of prompts in each round of the game, so make sure to always place them back in the bowl after being used.

In the first round, play Taboo until all the prompts are used up. For the second round, play a one-word version of Taboo, where the active player can say only one word to describe their word or phrase. For the third round, play Charades. For every correct guess, a team gets a point; the team with the most points after all three rounds wins.

10. Pig

This dice game requires only one die and has one goal: Make it to 100 points. On your turn, roll the die and tally as many points as the die shows, assuming you don’t roll a 1. You can then continue to roll and accumulate points or voluntarily end your turn. Here’s the catch: As soon as you roll a 1, your turn is not only over, but you lose all points scored on that turn. This high-risk, high-reward game can accommodate even the largest of families.

11. Spoons

Age-old card games such as Spoons are a great choice for everyone in the family. Set up the game by placing in the middle of your game area one less spoon than the number of players, with the spoon handles pointing outward. Using a standard 52-card deck, deal four cards to each player. During play, the dealer draws a card from the deck and either discards it or exchanges it with a card in his hand, passing the discard, facedown, to the player on their left. The next players do the same except for the last player, who discards into a waste pile. When a player has four cards of a kind (for example, four aces or four queens), they take a spoon. The rest of the players then race to grab the rest of the spoons, leaving one player without — the game’s loser.

12. Catan Junior

The intensity of the board game Settlers of Catan is lessened with Catan Junior. In this kid-friendly variation, players control pirate troops intent on building new hideouts. Players will have to collect resources, such as wood and wool, in order to set sail and expand their network. Catan Junior, like its predecessor, is still a balancing act between luck and strategy, but it’s perfectly streamlined to be fun for players of all ages.

13. Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an especially fun game to play with family members, because part of the strategy is appealing to a specific member’s sense of humor or way of thinking. In this game, everyone gets a hand of cards with nouns printed on them. On your turn, you’ll flip over an adjective card (for example, “shiny”) from a communal deck. Every other player then plays the card from their hand that they believe makes the most sense with the adjective (the noun could be “a new car” for the “shiny” adjective). The player that you think contributed the best noun card earns a point. At the end of the game, the person who’s made the most successful matches wins.

14. Bananagrams

This variation of the game Scrabble is a contest of quick thinking. In Bananagrams, every player uses a set of letter tiles to arrange their own word grid as quickly as possible. As people use up their tiles, players take additional letters from a pool until there are fewer tiles left than players. Once the pool has run dry, the first person to use up all of their tiles and yell “Bananas!” wins.

15. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride has yet to stand the test of time like Clue or Candy Land, but it seems well on its way to becoming a classic board game. The object of this interactive game is to build train routes across the country by collecting and playing matching train cards. Throughout the game, players are rewarded for building longer railways and connecting distant cities. With its simple premise and just the right amount of strategy, Ticket to Ride is a worthwhile adventure game for all.

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Bored of Lockdown…

Bored of Lockdown…






Well, we are all getting a little bit bored of lockdown, it’s often been described as being a bit like Groundhog Day. We have created a list of some ideas to make staying at home a little bit more fun. The items include games, embracing a new project or learning new skills ……








7 Photo Album
Remember that holiday you had in 2018…. or when you last went skiing. Make sure those memories are treasured by taking the time to compile a photo album or scrapbook. Or even learn come video editing to make a movie of them all…

8 Plant some flowers
Introduce some colour into your hose and plant some flowers. It may be winter but that does not mean you cannot get some pots started indoors ready to transfer to the garden when that sun starts warming up your garden a bit more.

9 Learn to knit
Knitting is not just for grandmas. You can hand knit with oversize chunky wool there are lots of how-to guides on youtube. Or if you fancy something a bit smaller why not try cross stitch, it’s apparently trending in January.

10. Learn-to play a new instrument
Always planned to learn the guitar. Well nows the time to learn with easy to follow tutorial available in all shapes and sizes online and offline

10. Finish that  job
Take time to tackle that improvement you did not finish be that painting, upholstering or just rearranging that room. It may just increase the value of your home …..

1. Darts
Spice up your games, since we can’t go to the pub, bring the pub to you with a cool dartboard, or even go for a safer option and but a magnetic one so safer if you have young children

2 Sudoku
Looking for something a bit more challenging ….. Why not exercise your brain at the same time and try Sudoku or a crossword

3 Jigsaw
Can you remember the joy of completing a jigsaw, check your loft to see if you have any old jigsaw puzzle and before you know it hours will have past by.

4 Lego
Lego can also keep you busy and surprise your kids with a building competition. Lego is perfect for keeping your mind busy and you can get that YES moment of winning.

5 Karaoke
Dance it out, blast a few tunes and dance around your bedroom or living room or even try family karaoke

6 Murder Mystery
Play a murder mystery game, bored of zoom quizzes, elevate your gameplay with an online game suitable for 4 – 24 people. There are a number of companies now producing these.


    What to know the value of your property 

    How to Find Your Perfect Home

    How to Find Your Perfect Home

    How to Find Your Perfect Home 

    Sometimes the blindingly obvious is easy to miss and hard to spot.

    How do you get the best deals from estate agents?

    You can’t just log-on to Rightmove or On The Market at your kitchen table and think “that’s it, I’m looking for a new home and expect to find it instantly. Property is still ALL ABOUT PEOPLE – and when you meet people and treat them right, they will reciprocate this. It all starts with talking to local agents, walking into their office, and letting them know what it is you are looking for (this builds credibility and trust).



    So how do you get the best deals from estate agents?

    Put simply: You get into your Estate Agents ‘mind space’ – preferably face to face in their office or on viewings.

    You make sure you stay in their mind space – When you view property give them relevant feedback that they can relate to the sellers of that home.

    And, when they send you details of a property that fits your criteria, you go and view it.

    This is a process that takes time and commitment.

    All this means that when that perfect property is about to come to the market you are in the forefront of their Estate Agents mind as a potential buyer for that home.

    It also helps to do a bit of housekeeping before you start interacting with Estate Agents.

    Before you start looking for properties make sure you have an Agreement in Principle for Funds to the price range you are looking up to. Give a copy to an estate agent or let the arrange this from day 1 as Proof of Funds for any future purchase.

    Or at least take a bank statement with you showing you have cash (if you do).

    All of this will help.

    But ultimately, when searching for property or bidding on a property it will come down to know, like and trust – simple as that. The more you have developed a rapport with the agent the more you are likely to be successful in your acquisition.

    Questions are the root of all answers.
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    Outdoor Cinema

    Outdoor Cinema 

    In your garden 

    Garden and outdoor cinema screenings are all the rage this summer, why not host one in your own Garden? It doesn’t have to be expensive – particularly if you can borrow a projector from one of your tech friends – and best of all, you’ll get to choose what film to watch.


    Step 3. Connect a video source

    Connect a laptop or a streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, which you’ll need to connect to your projector through its HDMI port.  

    If you want great sound, you can connect a speaker through your projector’s 3.5 mm jack, or look for a model with Bluetooth. Go for the latter and you’ll be able to connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth soundbar or speaker, and put more bang into your blockbuster. Or if it’s late and you’re watching alone, you can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones so you won’t disturb the neighbours.

    Step 4. Create your cinema screen
    The easiest way to do this is to peg a white sheet to your washing line. You may want to weigh it down at the bottom so that it doesn’t move around in the breeze.

    You could also make your own screen by sewing together pieces of blackout lining, which you can buy by the metre. Tack lengths of timber to the top and bottom and attach screw hooks to the top, then hang it over a row of nails on a wall or garden fence.

    Step 1. Find the right location
     Whether you’re setting up your outdoor cinema at the bottom of the garden or on a balcony or roof terrace, make sure you have a piece of ground that’s dry and sheltered from the wind. You could use fairy lights to decorate the space, but make sure you turn them off before you start the movie so they don’t affect the picture. Also try to avoid setting up in a spot where outdoor security lights or bright indoor lights might reflect against the screen.

    Step 2. Invest in a projector
     It used to be the case that decent projectors were hugely expensive and could only be used in blackout situations, something hard to achieve in a living room, let alone in your garden. However, the latest models are bright enough to use with the lights on, and have reduced in price significantly. They’re also quieter and more compact, so you needn’t worry that an annoying whirr will spoil any dramatic moments.

    When you’re shopping for a projector for your outdoor cinema, you’ll see each one has a lumen measurement. More lumens make it easier to see the projected image in bright conditions. In a garden after dark, we recommend at least 3000 lumens for a movie-theatre experience.

    Step 5. Make sure your guests are comfy

    If the best spot is on the lawn, lay a groundsheet on the grass to protect against any moisture or bottom-troubling rocks and stones, then layer blankets, cushions and beanbags to up the comfort factor. You could make your pop-up outdoor cinema more sophisticated by throwing down a few rugs, and setting out chairs, benches or even hammocks to relax on.Just make sure everyone has a good view, and keep a few blankets aside or perhaps light a fire pit in case it gets colder later on.
    Step 6. Prepare a feast
    This could be as easy as pouring popcorn into bowls, and filling a bucket with ice and stocking with bottled drinks, so all you have to do is reach down for a refill.


    Questions are the root of all answers.
    Don’t Be Shy!

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