Are you ready…….

It’s that time of year again when Royal Ascot draws the crowds and the media to a five-day event. The traditional highlight is the Gold Cup, run over two and a half miles on day three, but the modern emphasis on speed has given top billing to many other stakes.

Whilst watching TV coverage of the event it amused me to see the jockeys and horses all jostling for the best position behind the starting line

All the weeks of planning and preparation now all hinge nervously on the next 20 or so minutes. A good start, absolutely paramount. The race is on. And they’re off!

It made me think of viewers when that perfect property they have been waiting for comes to the market.

If you have just seen your ideal home advertised, what have you done to make sure you’re in the best position to buy?

Have you researched mortgages – not only what you can afford but what you could afford to repay if there were to be even a small increase in interest rates?
Have you even considered this?
Do you know the costs involved in buying and saved the appropriate amount of money (deposit, stamp duty, valuation/survey fees etc)?
Have you researched which solicitor you’d like to deal with?

Those are the practical things but.
Have you looked at property prices?
Do you know what other homes have sold for and therefore what would be a sensible price to offer?
Have you considered your strategy – yes, every buyer should have one!

In other words – have you jostled for the best position?

Good estate agents will always want to work with motivated buyers, who’ve researched and understand their financial position.
Estate agents have a duty of care to their seller to research your affordability and will need this information at offer stage to enable them to consider any offer.
A seller may not wait for two or three days for this information to be collated.

Somebody in a better position may have gotten there first! and won the race……

You need to ensure, in fact, it’s paramount, that you have everything to hand so that the agent is promoting your offer to their client.

To make sure you are ready to feel free to drop in and discuss your property aspirations with us or why not drop us a line?

Together we can ensure you are in the best position whether you buy through us or another agent.

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