5 unusual ways to help your garden grass grow


Did you know aspirin, garlic and even rusty nails can help grass grow?   Used in the right way, there are plenty of unusual items that could actually help to give your lawn a timely spring growth.


3.Rusty nails

Grass needs iron to make chlorophyll, which is necessary for the photosynthesis process by which it generates energy for growth. BillyOh explain: ‘To avoid a deficiency and boost your lawn’s iron intake, throw some rusty old nails into a watering can to quickly create an iron-rich solution to water the grass with.’


Dissolve a couple of aspirin into a jug of water once a fortnight and spray over your garden lawn to give it additional resistance to bacteria and insect infestations – but be careful not to overdose and damage the plants.


1p and 2p coins contain copper, which is an effective fungicide that can protect grass from infections. ‘Bury a few pennies under the lawn and the metal will slowly leach from them, destroying fungal spores in the soil – in return for a literally small investment, your lawn could be much healthier for years to come,’ they reveal.

2.Grass Cuttings

Grass helping grass to grow might sound odd, but instead of bagging up clippings when mowing the lawn, they should be left on the garden. This helps to recycle nutrients stored up in the stems, fertilising the lawn and reducing watering requirements.

Stilettos shoes & Spiked Golf Shoes 

‘Nutrients and water can’t penetrate to the roots where they’re needed when grass gets too thick, but this problem can be tackled by poking holes in the lawn. So taking a stroll on the garden lawn in your favourite stiletto heels or spiked golf shoes could improve aeration and help your grass to survive and thrive,’ they reveal.

What better excuse do you need to buy a new pair of shoes for this Bank Holiday weekend……….

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